Monday, May 27, 2013

(5/27/13) - Online Pre-registration for the June Summer Solstice Swiss is open

Online registration for the June Summer Solstice Swiss is now available via MACA. Please take advantage of this new service to avoid the lines on-site and make our job a little easier on the usually hectic opening night of a tournament.

This will help make sure the first round starts on time!

Again, click here to register. PayPal membership is not required. Just hit the "Pay with credit card" link at checkout.

On site registration with cash or check before 7:20 is still available. Those members who receive free entries (e.g Masters who are MCC members, and TDs) can not register in advance.

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Monday, May 6, 2013

(5/6/13) MCC Championship 2013 Games... and Analysis?

The 2013 Metrowest Chess Club Championship was a hard fought event... a no-holds-barred slugfest that wasn't decided until the last round.  Congratulations to our two co-champions,  IM James Rizzitano and IM Jonathan Yedidia, both of whom scored 3.5/5.  Honorable mention to round 4 leader, NM Vadim Martirosov, who fell to IM Yedidia, finishing tied for 3-4, with NM Mika A.Brattain at 3/5.  Of course, there is no honor in losing... but, I wanted to make him feel good.  Finishing 5th was NM Ilya Krasik at 2/5 and last was NM Lawyer Times with no points and a lot of bruises for his trouble.

I included all but two of the games below. (if anybody has them, send them to me and I'll add them)  We should all go over them carefully... who knows when we will face one of these guys.  Some of the games are annotated just to irritate the participants.  And I hope you all will add your comments and questions.     Let's turn this blog into a real learning tool... and say very nasty things about all the stupid moves our club champions made.

Hope you enjoy...
Games temporarily unavailable... To be fixed soon!
For now, please check them out on Chess Beat Reporter
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Mark LaRocca

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

(5/5/2013) Weekly Group Lesson, May 2013 Round 2

MCC Championship 2013 Decisive Moments

IM James A Rizzitano

Weekly Group Lesson, Tuesday, May 14 2013

I will be looking at one interesting game from the Class Championship section and five interesting positions from the Club Championship section.

Here are the games:

Rd. 1 Class: Thompson - Hori

Rd. 3 Championship: Krasik - Martirosov

Rd. 3 Championship: Rizzitano - Yedidia

Rd. 4 Championship: Martirosov - Rizzitano

Rd. 4 Championship: Brattain - Yedidia

Rd. 5 Championship: Yedidia - Martirosov

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

(5/4/13) Online pre-registration for May's Swiss now available!

The MCC now accepts online pre-registration for our monthly
tournaments via the MACA tournament listings web site.

Players can still register onsite with cash or check payment as usual.

Players can enter the May swiss ("The MCC 30th Anniversary Swiss")
through Sunday night, May 5 (before the first Tuesday of the month) by
going to
We will provide a link on the Club's home page. 

After choosing the appropriate section to enter, and entering your
USCF ID and name, you can pay with a PayPal account, or just click on
the "Pay with credit card" link when you check out if you don't have a
PayPal login.

Those players who receive free entries (MCC member masters, TDs,
volunteers, etc.) can just show up on Tuesday before 7:20 to enter as

Questions can go to email:  Info AT metrowestchess DOT org.

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

(05/02/13) Rizzitano, Yedidia are 2013 Club Co-Champions, Hori wins Class

IMs James Rizzitano and Jonathan Yedidia tied for first in the 2013 MetroWest Chess Club Championships both scoring last round wins to finish at 3.5 points in the six player round robin.

 Calvin Hori took clear first in the Class (U2000) Championships going undefeated with three wins and two draws.

 Final standings are posted here.

Congratulations to the 2013 Champions!

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