Social Media

MetroWest Chess Club has a rich website and a growing presence in popular social media. The website is at:

The most important feature on the website is the Google calendar depicted below. MetroWest Chess club uses Google calendar, so you can add it to your personal Google Calendar and be reminded of Club events. Directly below the calendar is the Google blog. The Google Calendar and Blog are both updated periodically, so check during a tournament to see if there are any newsworthy items.

In addition to the Google calendar and Google blog, MetroWest Chess Club is growing a presence on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Click the Social Media link on the homepage for more information.

MetroWest CC Google Calendar Open WHERE: On MetroWest CC homepage
Follow MetroWest CC scheduled activities on Google Calendar; including monthly tournaments, weekly group lesson, bookseller appearances, and special events.
This Google Calendar on the MetroWest CC homepage in addition tracks other select chess organizations who use Google Calendar, such as Waltham CC, and CCA.
MetroWest CC Twitter Open WHERE: "MetroWestChess" on Twitter
Follow MetroWest CC news alerts on Twitter to hear about important events such as Championship results before the next monthly newsletter is posted.
MetroWest CC Blog Open WHERE: On MetroWest CC homepage, below Calendar
Read in-depth news in between editions of the monthly newsletter.
MetroWest CC Facebook Group Restricted WHERE: "MetroWest Chess Club" on Facebook
Private group for MetroWest CC members and established players.
MetroWest CC LinkedIn group Restricted WHERE: "MetroWest Chess Club" on LinkedIn
Private group for MetroWest CC members and established players.
MetroWest CC email lists Open and restricted
WHERE: Email addresses are the labels below, appended with ""

"WebTeam" -- contact our webmasters
"Info_Request" -- ask a general question
"GameArchive" -- send a game to the MetroWest CC collection, and/or ask advice.
To get on the MetroWest CC newsletter email list (restricted to MetroWest CC players) make sure we have your email address when you sign up.
You can send an email to "Info_Request" if you have a question.

MetroWest CC participates in social media as a benefit to its members and established players, as well as the public.
The Facebook and LinkedIn pages are restricted to MetroWest CC members and established players.
The Google Calendar, Twitter, and Google Blogger pages are open for the public to read.
The email lists are a combination of open and restricted.
MetroWest CC reserves the right to update its policy of use of these social media resources over time, and will reflect its policies in this page.