Monday, May 17, 2010

Event Participation Awards - Tue 18 May 2010

MetroWest Chess Club Players who have played in a significant number of monthly tournament events will be presented an official Event Participation Award Buttons during Round 3 of the 27th MCC Anniversary Swiss on Tuesday 18 May 2010 just prior to the round starting, at approximately 7:20pm.

The following players will be recognized, and presented an official Event Participation Award Button:

200 events
Larry Eldridge

175 events

150 events

125 events
Epp, Edward
Thompson, Douglas

100 events
Barry, Michael
Cousin, Neil
Phelps, Matthew
Abbot, Ames

75 events
Astrachan, Edward
Krastev, Plamen
Schnair, Stephen
Harvey, Robert

50 events
Mishkin, Paul
Matthews, Robert
Ballou, Kenneth
Eddins, Steven
Paphitis, Alexander
Zhu, Larry
Callahan, Daniel
Krasik, Ilya
Simon, Thomas
Goldowsky, Howard

George Duval (did not receive last time)

25 events
Clark, Henry
Brattain, Mika
Riordan, Charles
Lung, James
Brisbois, Laura
Brisbois, Ken
Hall, Jeffrey
Lung, Timothy
Shmelov, Denys
Campanelli, Ralph
Gruenberg, Leonard
Iversen, Tom
Wetzell, Rolf
Gasser, Katherine
Sonnenstuhl, Eric
Holmgren, Robert (cross this month)

10 events
Fleurant, Pierre
Vadlamudi, Sandeep
Wolkind, Steve
Gueler, Sebastian
Plotkin, David
Poliannikov, Oleg
Sciacca, Patrick
Callahan, George
Ocallaghan, Sean
Parfenov, Sasha
Fauman, Alex
Jones, Alexander S
Perl, Joseph
Rossi, Tian
Smith, Warner M
Staples, Edmund
Times, Lawyer
Krishnan, Rahul
Martin, Travis
Rangan, Sridhar
Sezen, Kumsal
Krishnan, Rohan
Strassman, Elliot
Bisguier, Arthur
Dorfman, John
Shapiro, Jordan
Weiss, Adam
Chase, Todd
Liu, Henry

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  1. I've attended over 50 events at mcc as listed in uschess msa. Why am I not listed here?

  2. Is it only for current members? (I'm not on the list and I attended about 48 tournaments.)
    -Mark M.