Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2011 Championship Race Heats Up!

IM Igor Foygel overtook a relatively inactive SM Denys Shmelov with his tie for first (with GM Arthur Bisguier) in the "Trick Or Treat Swiss" last month. The current standings for the Club Championship Qualification are:

  1. I. Foygel (273)
  2. D. Shmelov (237)
  3. L. Times (236)
  4. J. Curdo (124)
  5. A. Bisguier (93)
  6. E. Thompson (89) *
* Ethan Thompson also qualifies for the Class (U2000) Championship

The race for the Class tournament is very close also:

  1. E. Thompson (89)
  2. M. Fins (85)
  3. N. Cousin (79)
  4. L. Pratt (79)
  5. R. Harvey (74)
  6. M. Phelps (45)

The complete list, with rules and explanations about the entire process are on the Club website here (PDF).

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