Monday, December 5, 2011

2012 Championship race wide open!

The race to qualify for the 2012 Metrowest Chess Club Championship is wide open with one event left. There are only eight points that separate the final three spots in the Championship (Open) section, with seven players, currently out of the running, who could qualify with a perfect score in the final event.

The top-ten are (six qualify):
  1. Vadim Martirosov, 395 points (clinched the top spot)
  2. IM Igor Foygel, 261
  3. Lawyer Times, 187
  4. John Curdo, 149
  5. Neil Cousin, 148 (Also eligible for the Class [under 2000] Championship)
  6. IM James Rizzitano, 141
  7. Charlie Fauman, 118 (Class eligible)
  8. GM Arthur Bisguier, 93
  9. Ilya Krasik, 83
  10. Ames Abbot, 68 (Class eligible)
The Class (Under 2000) Championship is still wide open with no less than twenty-five players who could still qualify with a perfect score in December's U2000 section!

The top-ten are (six qualify):
  1. Neil Cousin, 148 points
  2. Charlie Fauman, 118
  3. Ames Abbot, 68
  4. Conway Xu, 64
  5. David Martin, 64
  6. Robert Harvey 53
  7. Calvin Hori, 52
  8. Vladiminr Borosov, 48 (needs one more event to qualify)
  9. Ethan Thompson, 47
  10. Larry Pratt, 47
A reminder that all qualifiers must be club members by the end of December, so check here to make sure your membership is current!

Full standings are in this document (PDF).

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