Monday, June 18, 2012

(6/18/12) SPECIAL! Weekly Group Lesson, Round 4

MetroWest CC is pleased to announce that Life Master Joel Johnson will be visiting MetroWest CC on Round 4, June 26, 2012 starting at 6:30pm and will be conducting a Weekly Group Lesson, followed by a book signing and selling session for his second book "Formation Attack Strategies" published this month, by Lulu.

Joel is no stranger to the MetroWest Chess Club or the Weekly Group Lessons. On the Course archive page, scroll down to see his course material from Weekly Group Lessons he taught back in 1999:

Joel won the U.S. Senior Championship in 2007, and he was the most active player in the US with around 800 USCF rated games. Joel is still very active, playing about 150 rated games each year. Joel's USCF is approaching his all-time high of 2372! He tells us that his book writing and research has really helped.

His first book is: Formation Attacks, Joel Johnson 2010

His new book is: Formation Attack Strategies, Joel Johnson 2012

We look forward to a great reunion with Joel. His MetroWest CC photo is here:

He is a fun guy, so please feel free to approach him, ask questions, and enjoy his lecture!

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